Jefferson Elementary School - Crossing Patrol/Guards - Group Photo

In 1966, the pinnacle of male status in Jefferson elementary school was to be a crossing guard.  I recall that this was definitely a position to be pursued and proud of.  The uniform, the flag technique, the prestige ... ahh, those were the days. Not sure if you had to be a sixth grader to be in the patrol.  The kids I can identify were in my class, and thus would have been sixth graders in the fall of 1966, if my calculations are correct.

These pictures were taken by my father, S.W. "Walt" Lewis.  In the background of the second picture was our 1958 Dodge.  It was ultimately cool:  it had a push button transmission.

So to the task at hand.  If you know who these kids are, please fill out the info below.  After you finish with this page, you can look at a different view and see if you recognize any others in that one (including the adult accompanying the kids).  Then fill out a registration form with your name and contact info, if you don't mind, in case I have any questions.